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Policies & Regulations

Participating in the Safe Space Services, LLC Anger Management program requires group members to follow the acceptable policy terms described herein. Please note that Safe Space Services, LLC may, in its sole discretion, with or without notice, terminate the participant's continuation of the program.


Policy for ALL participants of Safe Space Services, LLC Anger Management:

1. Safe Space Services, LLC reserves the right to refuse treatment. 


2. Participants must pay at the time of service. Payments are non-refundable once the service has been rendered. Any disputes will incur the full fee plus a $30 dispute or bank fee. 


3. Participants are to show a copy of a valid photo ID during the intake session to verify whom they say they are.


4. If a participant schedules an intake and does not show up for their appointment without canceling 24 hours in advance, they will be charged an extra $70.00 for any future meetings, and they will not be refunded for the initial intake fee. The purchase of the workbook costs $35.00 two weeks before participating in your first anger management session, and it is a non-refundable fee.


5. Participants agree to the confidentiality policy of Safe Space Anger Management and are prohibited from sharing personal information of other members outside class sessions.


6. Safe Space Services, LLC anger management facilitators will only release information if there is a signed consent from the client authorizing information exchange.


7. Participants are not to display any behavior that disrupts or distracts from the group process. The following includes but is not limited to: eating or drinking during the group process, sleeping and inattentiveness, and using cellular phones or other electronic/communication devices.


8. Participants are always to attend sessions substance-free. If the facilitator suspects the participant is under the influence of a substance, they reserve the right to dismiss the participant from the group. Chewing tobacco, vaping, or smoking is not permitted.


9. Participants are to arrive on time and remain for the entire session. Any client arriving more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed to attend a class session. If a participant is late three times, the participant's report will reflect disruptive to the class and poor attendance. Some of our offices have after-hour entrance codes and security guards, making it challenging for the counselor to interrupt the group to respond to the phone call for building access. As a result, some of our offices do not allow late entry. Please check with your counselor to see if this applies to your location and group time.   


10. Upon request, the participant shall have the right to review their case file with the program director or group facilitator. An hourly fee will be charged if the process takes more than 10 minutes.


11. Partners, friends, and family members cannot be in the same anger management class together. There are many reasons for this policy. However, anyone who has a close relationship with a group participant may attend other anger management classes throughout our program. Safe Space Services, LLC currently offers over four anger management classes weekly, so many options exist. 


12. Children and guests are not permitted to attend group sessions with participants; therefore, they cannot be given the webcam and hold conversations with participants during an anger management session. 


13. Safe Space Services, LLC participants are to have no personal relationships with other participants outside the group. 


14. Participants are not permitted to bring weapons to sessions or classes, including pocketknives, kitchen knives, or guns visible on the webcam. If there is any suspicion of firearms, the participant will be dismissed from the entire program. 


15. If a participant threatens to do harm or kill another person, they will be reported immediately to law enforcement and referring courts. Foreseeable victim(s) will be warned at that time. Additionally, if the participant threatens to harm him or herself, the appropriate agency will be notified for their protection. Racial or discriminative comments will not be accepted and will result in termination from the program.


16. Appropriate attire is enforced in-class sessions; revealing clothing will not be allowed. Suppose a questionable garment is worn in class or an apparent policy violation occurs. In that case, the facilitator/supervisor will hold a personal, private discussion with the participant to advise them regarding the inappropriateness of the attire or will not be permitted to participate in class. 


17. Safe Space Services, LLC is not liable for lost or stolen items. Participants will be responsible for their personal property brought with them to class.


18. You are required to complete a pre- and post-assessment. This will helps determine the effectiveness of the program, as well as your progress.


19. If a participant does not attend a class for up to 6 months, they must complete the online intake again without pay. If a participant reaches the two-year mark without attendance, they are rendered inactive and must complete the online intake and pay the $70.00 intake fee again for reinstatement.  


20. A one-on-one format may be recommended if your counselor realizes that there is a language barrier or that the group setting is not the best fit for you. 


21. Participants attending anger management classes or sessions as a volunteer or self-referred will have to sign a "Declaration of Volunteer form" in the facilitator's presence before beginning sessions. This indicates that Safe Space Services, LLC will provide documentation to neither the client nor any third parties regarding attendance or completion of classes. 


22. The sign-in sheet used to track attendance does NOT serve as an official proof of enrollment, and it should NOT be used as so. 




Policy for court-ordered / work-mandated participants of Safe Space Services, LLC:


Participants who need a progress report and are interested in accelerated classes (more than one class per week) need to be aware of the following:


a. A week for Safe Space Services, LLC anger management classes or sessions run from Monday to Sunday. 


b. Participants must provide a copy of the court minutes at the time of intake. Participants will NOT be given a progress report without proof of court minutes; however, an explanation of enrollment cannot be provided.


c. Safe Space Services, LLC will need signed consent from the participant authorizing the facilitator to obtain information from the courts.


d. Safe Space Services, LLC will NOT provide soft copies of the official documents (Progress reports or proof of enrollment) via email or text. This is to ensure that the integrity of the record is maintained. 


e. Credits for accelerated classes or sessions are only available for participants the courts have granted eligibility. Participants must provide a copy of their court minutes stating that the Judge has provided such permission. 


f. Participants will NOT be allowed to take more than one class or session a week - our week starts on Monday and ends Sunday - unless a document is provided to a Safe Space Services, LLC Team Member from the Judge.


g. Participants will receive the number of classes or sessions completed on their progress report based on the date of the court minutes. The official progress report will only indicate that the classes were completed after the date of the court order. If courses were completed before the court order, those could be reflected on an individual verification of enrollment form.


h. Participants must give a written (either via email or text) eight-day notice, before the delivery date, to the facilitators when requesting a progress report. Since there are no general office hours, please note that a Progress Report is often provided before or immediately after a class or session. A $50.00 rush fee will be if the documentation is requested and needed before the eight-day notice. 


i. Violence, threats, and foul language will not be tolerated at Safe Space Services, LLC and will be reported to the courts/workplace immediately.


j. Safe Space Services, LLC may notify the court monitoring agency, in writing, within 30 days of a client failing to complete the program, performing unsatisfactorily, or not participating and benefiting from the educational or anger management program.


k. Safe Space Services, LLC provides neither an opinion nor a clinical report or evaluation. Safe Space Services LLC only provides information –such as the dates of classes or sessions or whether a client participated. It will be provided to a third party ONLY after consent or release of information is signed by the participant.


l. Safe Space Services, LLC shall provide an "Attendance Alert" to notify the court/probation officer/monitoring agency/ workplace when a client has accumulated six (6) absences. 

Termination of the program can occur if more than six sessions are missed in the program. 




Participating in the Safe Space Services, LLC program requires group members to follow the acceptable policy terms. Please note that Safe Space Services, LLC may, in its sole discretion, with or without notice, terminate the participant's continuation of the program.


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